SmoothEdge X Crafty Distillery

SmoothEdge X Crafty Distillery
SmoothEdge has teamed up with Crafty Distillery to upcycle their bottles. Crafty Distillery's bottles are bespoke made but some are inadequate for use. Rather than the bottles being discarded, we have teamed up to create the upcycled glasses.
Upcycled Hills & Harbour glasses from Crafty Distillery gift sets
Crafty Distillery currently sell the glasses in a gift set and were astonished with the amount of interest in the set. They decided to also have their distilled gin cocktail bottles upcycled too which are just as beautiful.
Why they chose to upcycle the bottles...
Upcycled Hills & Harbour gin glasses
Crafty Distillery chose to upcycle their waste / inadequate bottles over discarding them. Our process of upcycling means the glasses are over 30x better for the environment in terms of Co2 impact, compared to a glass made from virgin materials. This means, for every 1 factory made virgin glass, we can produce 30 upcycled glasses at the same cost.
Thank you Crafty Distillery for choosing us as your upcycling partner and for all the images in this blog.
Upcycled Hills & Harbour glass
Upcycled Hills & Harbour glass
If your company is interested in a bulk upcycling service for their waste bottles, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us and learn more.

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