Are you tired of seeing your special, sentimental bottle collecting dust on your shelf? Or, do you have a beautiful bottle that's too beautiful to simply throw away? If so, we have the solution for you!

Our expert team specialises in creating one-of-a-kind, bespoke upcycling services to meet your unique style and needs. Learn more on how to send us your bottle below!

Prices per bottle are usually around £13.99, but it does depend on the bottle itself. We offer price breaks at 5 and 10+ bottles.

Get in touch below if you're looking for an accurate quote.

How it works


Package your bottle up and send to:

SmoothEdge, Beaver Lodge, Bell Lane, Birdham, PO207HY Via your favoured courier - you must include your email address and contact details.


We'll get to work on your bottle request within three - five working days once receiving your bottle and carefully craft it to your needs.


Once made, we'll send you an online invoice and once paid we'll get your special custom upcycle sent back out to you.

Types of custom order

Here's some inspiration of what other people have done before.

Bespoke Shot / Measure
Upcycled Glass
Upcycled Lighting