We partner with brands to upcycle their waste and "second" bottles into eco-friendly iconic glassware. Read more on who we have and are proud to continue to work with.

Our innovative approach to waste management is to partner with brands and transform their waste into stunning, eco-friendly glassware. By doing so, we enable brands to enhance their sustainable image and appeal to conscious consumers.

Our expertise in upcycling waste has already been demonstrated with our current and past brand partnerships. With a portfolio of successful case studies, we are proud to showcase the impact of our sustainable solution.

Let us help you make a positive impact on the environment and your brand.

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Bombay Sapphire

In late 2022, we were thrilled to have partnered with Bombay Sapphire in the lead up to the holiday season. Our collaboration aimed to transform their waste bottles into stunning, eco-friendly glassware that would not only minimise waste but also offer a unique and beautiful product to sell.

Crafty Distillery

Crafty Distillery was one of our very first brand partners and their commitment to sustainability has only grown stronger with time.

They send us a pallet of their bespoke bottles that are deemed inadequate for use, every few months. Our team then works to transform these bottles into beautiful, upcycled glassware that Crafty can sell as part of their upcycled gift set.

Whitby Distillery

Our partnership with Whitby gin is a testament to the impact we can have through our unique approach to upcycling. The partnership with Whitby gin started with a custom order from one of their customers. Our team transformed their beautiful bottles into stunning, upcycled glassware, and the process was captured in a video that went viral. Whitby gin was inspired by the positive response to the video and reached out to us to explore a partnership, their glasses continue to sell out and we have upcycled over 1000 since the beginning of 2023.

Tiree Distillery

We first discovered Tiree Distillery through a wind surf competition on the island and were immediately drawn to their beautiful bottle design. We connected through Instagram and their followers were captivated by the idea behind the upcycled glassware and today, the glasses are a staple in their distillery shop.

Eminente Rum

In early 2024, Eminente reached out to us to explore the opportunity to upcycle their waste bottles into a simple tumbler. Their goal for this project was to create a "salvaged sipper" campaign. This cocktail available at various Mr Fogg's establishments is served in the upcycled tumblers.

Customers can present an empty bottle of Eminente Rum and receive a complimentary "salavaged sipper" libation. The bottle will then embark on a journey as it is meticulously recycled into a new glass.

Allora Drinks

In early 2024, Allora got in touch after discovering us on Instagram. Sustainability is a core component of Allora's brand ethos - they infuse the leaves from the lemon tree (normally a waste product), and our bottle, the Primal, uses glass that would otherwise have been wasted in the manufacturing process. They wanted to discuss a collaboration and understand if they'd be able to create upcycled glassware from their recycled bottles.

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