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Bombay Sapphire Sunset Gin Glasses

Bombay Sapphire Sunset Gin Glasses

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Introducing our handmade upcycled Bombay Sunset Gin Glasses...

We have teamed up with Bombay themselves and collect their waste bottles straight from the Bombay distillery, local to where we are based. We then take them back to our HQ and begin the upcycling process to craft these iconic tumblers - the perfect combination of a unique, eco-friendly gift that great for any occasion.


• One glass = £16.99

• Cut above the third emblem (botanical) and on two sides features botanicals used to produce Bombay Sapphire gin.

• Holds approximately 350ml.

• Upcycled from a 700ml Bombay Sapphire bottle.

• High-quality drinking glasses

• 100% Circulair

• Reduces CO2 emissions, water consumption, and energy emissions


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